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Daily Deals Marketing Consultation

There are numerous "Daily Deal" or "Social Group Buying" sites on the internet providing members with huge savings.

Most of these group coupon sites offer short-term daily deals that discount products and services to more than 50% off.

Daily Deals are currently one of the most effective ways of consumer direct advertising avaliable today.

If you own or manage a business, you should call 218-422-6651 to discuss a plan. This is a free service.

U-A-Tech has a special relationship with many of the local "Deal" sites and can offer you guidance on what to offer and when, as well as negotiating a higher percentage paid to you.

Why do you need guidance? Many companies jump headlong into a contract with one of these sites without knowing the ramifications.

Some Daily Deal sites that tell their members they will save coin when purchasing through them, will actually tell you all the good without telling you the bad of running a daily deal. Such Daily Deal sites have actually run deals for which the companies were not prepared and which has led them into financial ruin.

Dealing with responsible Daily Deal sites like FMDiNiNG, GetMyBigDeals.com, Groupon and LivingSocial will help, instead of destroy your business.

Because of our relationship with the better local Daily Deal sites, U-A-Tech can offer this service for free. In fact, we can usually negotiate a better deal (10% to 30% higher payout to you) than is routinely given to many companies.

Please give us a call before signing a contract with ANY of the Daily Deal sites. 218-422-6651.

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