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Billboard Advertising

Whether it is you want to get your message out there through digital billboards, high-impact rotary bulletins, cost effective poster panels or strategically placed highway bulletins, U-A-Tech is your billboard experts.

U-A-Tech's eye catching, creative, and bold messages make outdoor advertising one of the most cost effective, memorable and wide reaching forms of advertising available.

U-A-Tech billboard advertising is a way to reach thousands of eyes every day. We can assist you with concept, design, and placement plans to reach the highest level of awareness for your company's product or service.

Digital Billboards are especially flexible and efficient because they offer:

  • Lower cost in setup. No need for expensive printing of enormous signs.
  • Customize and adapt your ad campaign to meet time-sensitive needs.
  • Ability to react to what works and no waiting for press proofs and print times.
  • New technology immediately grabs and holds viewers attention.
  • Advertise what’s new in your business immediately.
  • Time your ads to the season, month, day, or even hour.

Please give us a call for a free consultation. 218-422-6651.

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